As a general rule, a wellness care client can expect the following from a Physician energy Medicine

The Physician, Energy Medicine will establish through dowsing if they have the knowledge and ability to help the Wellness Care Client and how many treatments will be required to remove the cause(s) of the problem as presented.

The Wellness Care Client will be asked about their actual problem, medical history, current medications and any other current treatment either from conventional or alternative therapies.

The pendulum will then provide answers through yes/no responses to specific questions asked by the Physician.

The Wellness Care Client 's general health will be dowsed and measured. This enables the current state of health to be assessed and improvements monitored over the course of treatment.

The Physician will ask the pendulum about the root cause of the problem, when it occurred and where in the body the cause resides as a negative energy vibration. For example, the cause may be a pathogen, a toxin or a trauma. Priority will be sought if there is more than one cause.

Some feedback from the Wellness Care Client may be required. For example, the cause of a problem may be dowsed to be a mental trauma at the age of 21. It may help the Physician and the client to establish if they have a conscious memory of a trauma at that time.


In effect, the Wellness Care Client subconsciously relays exactly what remedies they need to restore their own health through the dowsing "communication" with the Physician. Each treatment is therefore unique.

The Physician establishes if it is "safe to proceed" before any treatment is given.

The Physicians may use kinesiology muscle testing, nutritional and physical therapies to support this work.


A sample of hair will be taken. It is called a "witness." It can be used by the Physician to connect to the energy of the Wellness Care Client when they are not in the practice and if more research needs to be done to help the Wellness Care Client further. It can also be used to send "absent healing "to the Wellness Care Client .

Absent Healing,

All Physicians are trained in the use of absent healing techniques. If appropriate, the healing energy may be "sent" to you through a connection provided by your hair witness.Absent healing is sometimes referred to as "remote healing".


The Physician may recommend lifestyle and nutritional changes (e.g. foods, cosmetics, perfumes, artificial clothing, medications, shampoos, detergents, exercise etc.) if dowsing indicates that these are contributing to ill health.

At the end of the session, the Physician will dowse if and when the next consultation will be necessary.